July 27, 2015
Why SARS requests supporting documents
August 24, 2015

A5ClemenGold is the brand name for top quality easy peelers and The ClemenGold Company has actively been involved in building the brand globally since 2009. South Africa, Spain and Morocco are the biggest producers of ClemenGold quality easy peelers and the dual hemisphere supply ensures fruit on-shelf for seven to eight months of the year. Woolworths SA has for many years been flying the ClemenGold flag and the relationship is built on every year with investment in promotion and innovation in the value chain. Freshly squeezed ClemenGold juice has been a winning value added product in the ClemenGold offering to South African consumers.

Every year sees new challenges for the citrus industry, but ClemenGold has consistently been edging its way into the international market, first as a B2B brand and now as a consumer brand. Global ClemenGold markets include the likes of the UK, Ireland, Canada, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, China/Hong Kong and China.

For a consumer brand like ClemenGold, providing consistently good eating quality fruit is a cornerstone in the growth and sustainability of its business model. Adhering to this principle creates long-term consumer loyalty, and in return, some stability in the value chain. Crops vary from year to year for many reasons, but adhering to a minimum quality standard ensures that the consumer is never left with the proverbial ‘bad taste in their mouth’.

ClemenGold is a South African company with a distinctive global flavour.  With the good relationships it has with its service providers, suppliers, receivers and other industry heavy weights, like varietal innovators; it is well positioned for the future.

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