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A dynamic combination of versatility, experience and knowledge for over 30 years has ensured that bdk Auditors is the financial partner of choice for those who seek a superior and quality personalised service. We are a medium sized firm established in 1952 with offices in Caledon and more recently Stellenbosch. Our composition ensures a wealth of experience and up to date knowledge for both tax and advisory services. We have specific specialist capabilities with regards to businesses in the agricultural sector of South Africa. bkd Auditors are registered auditors and chartered accountants (SA).

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At bdk Auditors we constantly strive for service excellence and to surpass every client's needs. Our services are specifically tailored to suit every client’s needs resulting in the best possible outcome. We enable stakeholders through offering a personalised service to our clients and employees by providing them with sound and timely information and directing their interests towards their true potential. Our team ensures that we are able to do so by keeping abreast of legal and technical trends, operating to the highest standards of ethics and energy and delivering the goods In Time, On Time and In Full. Our approach is to assist you in a personal, yet professional manner. An overview of our services:


Fruit Benchmarking

Helping You Grow Your Business

  • We compile the authoritative and influential benchmarking survey for apple and pear production in the Western Cape.
  • The survey covers +- 40 farms in the Grabouw, Vyeboom and Ceres area. This represents 30% of all fruit production in the Grabouw and Vyeboom area.
  • The survey compares individual results to industry averages and calculate best practice standards. It identifies strong and weak areas of participant’s business and highlights focus areas.The benchmarking is a essential tool for the improvement and sustaining of farm profits for all participants.