Floating on cloud accounting

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June 6, 2018
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July 2, 2018

Business owners, are you still doing the labour intensive number-crunching?

Cloud accounting is the answer to making all the numbers balance. Your information is secure so only you and those you allow will have permission to it. If the idea of cloud accounting still leaves you feeling weary about not seeing all the information saved on your company’s server, here are advantages which make it clearer:

  • You can access your accounting information from wherever you are just as long as you and your accountant have internet connection.
  • Information is readily available and up-to-date, and this improves managers’ and owners’ decision-making speed.
  • Efforts of reconciling transactions are minimal as the bank feeds feature eliminates the need to send bank statements to your accountant for capturing.
  • You can make quicker payments through faster online invoicing.

Decrease paperwork and increase efficiency by contacting us for all your cloud accounting needs.

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