Business continuity

SARS releases new ruling on documentary requirements for VAT purposes
January 25, 2017
Administering of an estate
February 2, 2017

Business continuity
Business continuity is something that needs to be deliberated on a continuing basis by all organisations. Disruption and the rapid changes in virtually every area of human endeavour directly impacts on the continued relevance of organisations.

Succession planning
Key leaders in organisations are unfortunately just as mortal, and as prone to leave for greener pastures, as anyone else. Succession planning can therefore never be an ad hoc part of organisation  planning. It needs to be integrated into all strategic planning exercises to ensure timely identification and development of next generation leaders.

Continuity- and succession planning is often a seemingly insurmountable problem for family- and smaller businesses. Fortunately there are very concrete steps and plans available that will facilitate the execution of succession plans enormously in these organisations.

At bdk Auditors the imperatives of continuity and succession planning is ingrained in everything we do, both in our own business and in the business analysis and advice given to clients. Our value proposition of “Directing your interests” speaks to these imperatives and is achieved by the individual attention of partners to clients’ affairs.

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